Research: Fibonacci in the Micro and Macro

Our film visualises the hidden algorithms of estuaries to explore the connection between micro and macro elements. Based off the Fibonacci sequence, the film comments on nature’s numbering sequence, exploring disturbance and repair to ultimately illustrate universal union. The narrative plays with perspective and locates mathematical order in the natural world through repetition and audio. Influenced by the Len Lye and Stan Brakhage, sound, colour and animation is warped to produce a sequence that evokes an emotional experience.

“The fibonacci spiral is a path of least resistance, seen in the structure of massive galaxies and tiny snails” (The University of Georgia n.d.).

My exploration of the Fibonacci sequence guided my understanding of the relationship between micro and macro elements that exist in estuaries.



hurricane spiral-1
Fibonacci Irene,


The Whirlpool Galaxy, Space Telescope.







fibronacci in nature
The fibonacci spiral appears in the nautilus shell, originally found at


“In the seeming randomness of the natural world, we can find many instances of mathematical order involving the Fibonacci numbers themselves and the closely related “Golden” elements.” (Insteading.) As the Fibonacci sequence applies logic to the organic, our film merges analogue and digital techniques to explore this hybrid relationship and further demonstrate intrusion and territory.  The mathematical sequence of adding and subtracting is reflected in our film’s composition. There is a constant sense of invasion and repair achieved through the changing sound, colour and pattern.

Insteading 2017, The Fibonacci Sequence in Nature, Seattle, viewed 1 Feburary 2018. <;

The University of Georgia n.d, Fibonacci Numbers, Georgia, viewed 1 Febuary 2018, <;.

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